What is a Thali?

Named after the stainless steel platter the food is served on, a thali is the cornerstone to the Gujarati dining experience. This traditional, Indian-style meal contains a proper balance of six tastes identified by Ayurvedic nutrition to provide all of the flavor elements needed for optimum health.

Enjoy an authentic thali-style meal at Rajdhani Indian Food Restaurant.

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Unlimited Indian Food

Unlike most “all you can eat” Indian food buffets, with row after row of chaffing dishes waiting for you to fill your plate—we serve our freshly prepared, piping hot food to you so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy time with your family and friends.


After the host shows you to your seat and a thali is placed in front of you, you are ready to embark on your feast! A line of servers carrying piping hot food will begin to assemble your meal.

Crispy papad and fresh salad will be the first items that will be placed. Next, watch how the steaming dal and kadhi is ladled into your thali. Tease your taste buds with two farsans that follow. Don’t be entrapped by Rajdhani’s famous spongy yellow dhokla, as your saabji is about to arrive. And as the aromas of the saabji touch your senses, hot soft rotis are placed along with a fluffy puri. While your hands instinctively devour the thali, don’t forget to scoop the complementary spicy pickles, green minty chutney and sweet tamarind paste to fully enhance the masterpiece that sits before you.

While you journey through your thali, be aware of the watchful eye of the servers. Any empty bowls will signal them to refill and pile your plate with warm seconds, and thirds and fourths. Just as soon as you begin to think that you cannot take anymore, two more rice dishes will take you into a heavenly, food-induced euphoria.

As you end your thali, the battle between your mind and taste buds begin. Your stomach can no longer take anymore, yet a list of five desserts awaits your decision.

Because we are fully aware that it is physically impossible for you to get up from your seat at this point, a warm fingerbowl will be provided to wash away the remnants of a fully satisfying home-cooked meal. At this point, a nap is highly recommended.

Sweet Dreams.

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